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About Me

I am a recognized leader on issues of Agriculture, tourism, and jobs.

A Native Virginian, I grew up in Arlington graduating from Washington-Lee High School. I attended George Mason University for two years before transferring to James Madison University from which I graduated with a degree in English. I hold a Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence from the Defense Intelligence College and a Master of National Security Strategy from the National War College.

I was hired by the Defense Intelligence Agency to be an intelligence analyst, and later was hired by Air Force Intelligence to be their senior program and budget analyst. I developed and defended the Air Force intelligence budget at all levels to the appropriate House and Senate intelligence committees. I was known for my effectiveness in presenting our case for funding for our programs.

Prior to retirement, my husband and I founded Lake Anna Winery and Oak Hill Farm & Vineyard here in Livingston District. As a small business owner, I have experienced the burden of Federal, State, and Local Government regulations. My experience in preparing a payroll, collecting and reporting sales tax, and reporting and paying business tax has made me even more aware of the burden of taxes and regulations on businesses and individuals.

A recognized leader, I was elected President of the Virginia Wineries Association and have served in that capacity for six years. I was elected in November 2010 to be President of the Spotsylvania County Farm Bureau. I am also on the board of the Virginia Agribusiness Council and serve as regional representative on the board of the National Grape and Wine Initiative, a national group working with the United States Department of Agriculture on research priorities and funding for the grape and wine industry.

When Governor McDonnell was elected, his first act was to establish the Commission on Economic Development and Jobs Creation. He appointed me to be on that commission, working primarily with the department of Tourism on ways to help expand agri-tourism in the commonwealth. My recommendations for the wine industry were incorporated into the Governor's budget amendment and passed both houses.

In Spotsylvania, I have served on the Spotsylvania Courthouse Tourism and Special Events Commission which started the movie nights, the Memorial Day program, and the Courthouse Christmas and luminaria which are part of our community activities today. As a member of the Budget Advisory Committee appointed by the board, I worked with other citizens to identify areas where the supervisors might find savings. Both of these committees were cancelled by the board.

I have spent a great deal of time in both Richmond and Washington working with our elected officials on issues of importance to agriculture. I am recognized as an effective voice for our farmers. I can bring this experience and the relationships I've formed with our elected officials at all levels to represent the people of Livingston District and Spotsylvania County.

Bill and I have been married 38 years. We have four children and six grandchildren. We are members of Kirk O'Cliff Presbyterian Church in Mineral, Virginia.

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