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Issues That Face Spotsylvania County

As a member of the Board of Supervisors there are some issues that need to be dealt with and I intend to deal with them until they are resolved in a manner that the constituents of the Livingston district approve. The main issues that I feel strongly about are listed here.

Economic Development

Need to bring jobs to Spotsylvania, including manufacturing, defense contractors, and health care

Incentives include reducing the Business, Occupational, Professional License (BPOL) tax and other corporate taxes and fees

Full time Economic Development Director

Promote tourism in the District and County

Protect Property Rights

"Open Space" is someone's Farm or Property

Regulatory and growth pressures are making it harder and harder for our agricultural businesses to remain viable

Rights of property owners and financial impact on landowners must be part of any plan for trails andother initiatives which impact personal property

Lower Taxes

Tax increases in 2010 resulted in a $6 million surplus for the county while taxpayers are struggling to paymortgages

Supervisors voted to keep the excess in the reserve fund rather than providing relief for taxpayers

Last year's tax increase should be rescinded

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